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  • Hearts Table Runner

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  • Hearts Table Runner

    Designed By EK Success Brands

    Our wonderful rose heart dresser scarf makes an excellent table or sideboard runner for Valentine’s Day or any romantic occasion. Accented with crystals from Create Your Style Swarovski Elements, this design sparkles as it shows all your stitching talents.


1. Follow the instructions with the Rose Heart Dresser Scarf kit to stitch the design.  When completed, iron your stitched piece to remove any wrinkles. Next, embellish your stitched design by hotfixing crystals as follows.

2. Place the design on a flat, non-flammable surface. Plug in the hotfix tool and allow it to heat up. The tool will be hot and should be used with care.

3. Working on one heart at a time, arrange the crystals around your embroidery. Place the crystals directly on the fabric, not on the embroidery.

4. To secure each crystal, place the hotfix tool over the crystal to heat the adhesive. Apply a small amount of pressure. Each crystal should take about 15 seconds to adhere. Note: if the crystal does not adhere, repeat the process adding a bit more pressure. Repeat this step for all six stitched hearts.

5. Hotfix two to three crystals to each rose bud on the right and left borders.

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