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  • Felted Flower Pillow

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  • Felted Flower Pillow

    Designed By Dimensions Design Team

    Let this bold, free-form flower pillow express your creativity. Follow our lead with colors, petal shapes, and patterns, or do your own thing entirely to make this pillow completely your own. Accent with a little embroidery to add some delightful detail and achieve a real boutique look!


1. Cut a 5" circle from the olive felt. It doesn’t have to be a perfect circle—part of the charm of this piece is that the shapes are not perfect. Attach the rust colored daisy to the circle slightly off center by back stitching the petal veins with green thread. Attach your circle to the center of the pillow front with red thread using buttonhole stitch. 

2. Cut five petals in your desired shapes from the butter and rhubarb felt. Trim the inside portions of the petals to fit around the circle. Cut two elongated leaves. Needle felt areas on the petals and one leaf as shown. Needle felt the purple circles for anthers.

3. Add the embroidered details to the petals and leaves with running stitch and back stitch, then add the stamen lines and stem with chain stitch.

4. Stuff your pillow and place it on your sofa for all to admire!

Shopping List

Other Supplies

  • Embroidery thread: red, light green
  • Needle
  • Pillow stuffing or form

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