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  • Felt Necklace

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  • Felt Necklace

    Designed By Stephanie Gallaher

    Take a simple technique using felt and create this beautiful, one of a kind necklace with an antique pendant. Simple enough for anyone to create and adapt to make their own. It’s easy to dress up or dress down with an endless option of colors!


1. Determine the desired length of your necklace and cut the necklace cord to accommodate that length. 

2. Place your pendant onto the cord. Thread coordinating crystals onto the cord on each side of the pendant so they match in placement and color.

3. Cut 6 aqua strips and 4 khaki strips of felt the length of the felt square and roughly 1/4” wide. Get a needle and thread ready, putting a knot in the end of the thread. Create the flowers as follows: loop or fold a felt strip back and forth, turning it from the center so it has 5 petals. Hold the middle with one hand, then sew through all the layers at the middle with your needle and thread. The felt is thick so the thread shouldn’t show. Repeat this step until there are 6 aqua flowers and 4 khaki flowers.
Felt Necklace Assembly1
4. About 3" from the pendant, tie a knot in the cord on each side. Thread one end of the cord through the larger eyed needle. Push the needle and cord through the middle of one aqua flower and push the flower down to the knot. Tie another small knot after the flower to keep it in place.

5. Tie another knot 2" above first flower. Attach a khaki flower in the same manner as above, then repeat to add another aqua, then khaki, then aqua again. Repeat steps 4 and 5 for the other side of the cord, comparing both sides as you go to make sure they align.

6. Measure 2" from each end and tie the clasp pieces on using durable twist knots and leaving about a 1" tail. On this tail, slip a small crystal and tie the end back onto the necklace cord. Trim excess cord as needed.

Felt Necklace Assembly2 

Shopping List

Other Supplies


  • Large pendant
  • Felt scissors
  • 1 necklace clasp
  • 1 small spool durable black necklace cord
  • Thread to match the felt colors
  • Needles (2): small eye for sewing, larger eye for threading the cord


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