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  • Fair Isle Felt Purse

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  • Fair Isle Felt Purse & Coin Purse

    Designed By Brittny Kvilhaug

    Turn a basic felt purse into a beautiful seasonal bag to grace your arm or to give as a gift. Felt is such an easy material to customize and brings instant warmth and charm to any project!


NOTE: Use the same process for the hand bag and coin purse.

1. Download and print the Fair Isle Patterns. Trim the purse pattern to a rectangle with at least an inch of margin. Pin to a piece of white felt.

2. Use a sewing machine loaded with dark brown thread to stitch each individual shape of the image. Pull the ends of the thread on each shape to the back and tie off. Trim off excess ends of threads with scissors.

3. After all the shapes are stitched, use scissors to cut around the shapes following the red lines on the pattern. Pull away the pattern.

4. You may choose to use hot glue to tack the shapes to the front of the felt purse. If you prefer to enhance the machine sewing with hand embroidery, then simply apply the shapes to the front of the hand bag with a tape runner and proceed to step 5.

5. OPTIONAL: Use dark brown embroidery thread and an embroidery needle to back stitch the felt shapes in place. Start the embroidery from the center snowflake and work outward, placing your stitches directly over the machine stitches.

6. Cut a length of embroidery floss to 12", thread through a needle and tie a triple knot at the end. Pull the needle through a dark grey felt ball, through the zipper pull, then back down to the ball and through just the top of the ball, creating a 1" loop. Tie a knot at the base of the loop directly above the felt ball, then push the needle back through to the bottom of the ball, and snip the ends of thread off with scissors.

7. Repeat the same process to attach additional balls, using thread lengths as follows:

• White ball, 14" thread, 2" loop

• Light grey ball, 16" thread, 3" loop

• Dark grey ball, 18" thread, 4" loop

• White ball, 20" thread, 5" loop

8. For the coin purse, just use one ball.

Shopping List

Other Supplies

Sewing machine with dark brown thread

Embroidery thread: dark brown

Embroidery needle

Hot glue gun (optional)


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