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  • Crazy Daisy Garland

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  • Crazy Daisy Garland

    Designed By Leslie Blatt

    This colorful garland makes a pretty addition to a window or doorway. Combining felted daisies with pretty decorative yarns is quick and easy to do and makes an eye-catching accent for your room.


NOTE: You will need 4 packages of the Crazy Daisies flowers.
1. Measure your window or space and add 12" to the length for the size of the cross pieces. Cut two pieces of the track yarn this size.

2. Using the lime yarn, crochet two chain stitch pieces in the above size. Lay the four cross pieces side-by-side, then knot together at both ends, leaving a 6" tail on either side.

3. Using the lime yarn and needle, connect two coordinating daisies back to back with a few hidden stitches. Repeat to connect the other daisies.

4. Crochet the hangers in varying lengths using chain stitch and lime yarn, leaving a tail on each end.

5. Attach the hangers to daisies by tying one tail around the center of the daisies where you stitched them together. Tie the hangers to the cross piece, then trim off any unwanted tail below the knot.

6. Tie various lengths of the textured decorative yarn between each daisy hanger for a little splash of sparkle. Tie a little knot on the bottom end to finish.

Shopping List

Other Supplies

  • Decorative yarns: solid lime to match flower centers, berry-colored track yarn
  • Crochet hook size I
  • Large-eye embroidery needle

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