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  • Country Chic Apron Cover 2

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  • Country Chic Apron

    Designed By Stephanie Gallaher

    Looking good in the kitchen is just as important as cooking well, and what better way to look your best than with a handmade country chic apron. This crisp white cotton apron features a rooster and hen cross stitch motif that is accented with beads, rickrack and fringed designer trims.

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Note: Back stitch beginning and ending each seam on the sewing machine.

1. Begin by cross stitching the Dimensions Rooster apron. Follow the instructions included in the kit.

2. Select trims to be used. For this design the trims were selected to enhance the stitched design. The black beads, woven trim and rick rack colors coordinate with the floss.

 Country Chic Apron
3. Cut the trims to measure 1" past the side edges of the apron on the top and bottom. The trim measurements for the top will be approximately 13" each. The trim measurements for the bottom will be approximately 31" each.
Country Chic Apron SOP2
4. Pin bottom trims in place starting from the bottom outside edge and working up; layering trims every 1/2" - 1" apart.

5. Pin the top trim in place.

6. Using black thread and sewing machine, stitch the top border about 1/8" from trim’s edge. Sew the top side of the trim, then the bottom side.

7. Using black thread and sewing machine start from the bottom edge stitching about 1/8" from trim’s edge. For rick rack trims, stitch with the matching thread color one stitch down the middle.

8. Keep the neck hoop to the left of the machine to reduce unnecessary bunching of fabric near the sewing needle.

9. Once all trims are sewn on, stitch the ends to ensure no unraveling. Fold edges behind and sew close to the edge. Trim excess in back about 1/4" past closure seam.

10. Cut black beads to fit above and below top border with about 2" extending past apron’s edge.

 Country Chic Apron SOP3 
11. Using a sewing needle, scissors, and black thread, freehand stitch the beads in place as follows. Freehand stitching a straight line of beads can be a little tricky. Carefully putting a pin in the apron perpendicular to strand at the space between beads can help. Tie off beginning threads and end threads. To secure beads, stitch between beads where the stringing thread shows through. Stitch every 2-3 beads. To finish edges, fold strand of beads behind the front of the apron and stitch between beads and tie off.

12. Repeat freehand stitching for second bead strand.

13. Using scissors, cut all excess thread strands.

Shopping List

Other Supplies

  •  Black Mardi Gras Beads: 28"
  •  Assorted trims
  •  Red and Black Thread
  •  White Thread (Bobbin)
  •  Sewing Needles
  •  Straight Pins
  •  Sewing Machine


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