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  • Blue Floral Wristlet

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  • Blue Floral Wristlet

    Designed By Tara Gangi

    Discover how easy it is to needle felt while creating this adorable blue floral wristlet with the Feltworks line!


1. Begin by unzipping the blue purse and inserting the foam block.

2. Arrange your mini mum flowers on the top of the purse.

3. Remove the protective sleeve of the needle felting needle. While holding down one of the mums with your non dominate hand, insert the needle in the mini mum, through the purse and into the foam block in one motion. Repeat this step as much as you feel is necessary to secure the mini mum onto the purse. You’ll notice the fibers of both the mum and the purse will being to intertwine through this motion.

4. Repeat this needle felting technique on the remaining two mums.

5. Select a section of the loose wool roving and create a pattern of choice on the blue purse. Repeat the same up and down needle felting technique with the loose wool roving and the blue purse in order to merge the fibers together. Repeat this step until you achieve your desired pattern

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