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  • Après Ski Felt Scarf

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  • Après-Ski Felt Scarf

    Designed By Brittny Kvilhaug

    This is a great project for the holiday season and into winter! Customize a felt scarf with plaid ribbon, bronze studs, and adorable ready-made felt flowers to make a super special and cozy wearable. 


1. Measure then cut two lengths of plaid ribbon long enough to wrap widthwise around the ends of the scarf with at least 1" of overlap.

2. Wrap the ribbon around each end of the scarf, about 1" from the ends, overlapping the ends of ribbon on the back sides of the scarf, and turning the top raw edge under 1/4". Pin in place, aligning front and back.

3. Use a sewing machine and brown thread to stitch along the edges of the ribbon, with the front side of the scarf facing up. 

4. If your sewing machine has a blanket stitch, use it to sew all around the edges of the scarf to reinforce it. If your sewing machine does not have a blanket stitch setting, you can choose to do it by hand with brown embroidery thread, or leave it off altogether.

Note: Steps 5 and 6 should be completed in the same sitting.

5. Next we are going to add some machine stitched details to the body of the scarf, and we'll be using narrow masking tape to mark where the stitching will go. Tape 12" high Xs on the body of the scarf between the ribbon borders. They can be slightly irregular (like one leg shorter than the others)--sometimes it’s good to NOT be perfect! Work from both ends to the middle, so you can adjust for any odd space in the middle of the scarf with smaller Xs.

6. Switch your sewing machine back to a straight stitch and sew along the middle of all of the tape lines you’ve made. After you have finished sewing, secure all the ends and trim off excess thread. Peel the tape off the scarf. It may take a little bit of time to get all the tape off, but you will end up with a great diamond pattern! 

7. Cut a flower shape with rounded petals that is larger than the ready-made earth tone flowers. Layer a brown flower onto it and glue. Adhere this flower and another of the ready-made flowers to one of the ribbon borders.

8. Use hot glue to attach two bronze studs to the outside edges of the ribbon as shown.

Shopping List

Other Supplies

  • Ribbon: brown plaid
  • Sewing machine with brown thread
  • Pins
  • Felt glue
  • Ruler
  • Masking tape

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