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A Sneak Peek at Feltworks Fun and Handmade Embroidery

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I have to tell ya, I’m really dazzled by these two new collections from Dimensions! They are so colorful and fun, simple and quick to stitch, I think you’ll find wonderful choices here for your next project. Or bunches of projects! So, enjoy this sneak peek of the Feltworks Fun and Handmade Embroidery lines.

Feltworks Fun is a collection of felt applique and felt embroidery designs with an eye-candy variety of finishings: pillows, purses, totes, dolls, princesses, and camera and cell phone cases. Gotta love all these different ways to show off your needlework! All the felt is die-cut and the stitching holes are pre-punched so all your stitching will look even and assembly is an absolute cinch. Each kit includes all the unique materials you need to finish the project, whether it be buttons, glitter tulle, beads, even stuffing!
Feltworks Fun
The designs themselves have a broad age appeal—the purses are really ageless and cross easily from school or daytripping to evening, while the pillows, totes, phone and camera cases might brighten up a dorm room. The dolls and princesses are a crafter’s delight for collectors or young girls—even an 8 year old can complete them with a little adult assistance. Put two young girls together like Kendra and Carly and listen to them giggle as they craft!
Feltworks Fun

Our Handmade Embroidery line is expanded with this new collection which offers a range of styles from traditional to a kind of fun and funky contemporary. Lots of neat looks! Stitchers will enjoy their favorite simple embroidery stitches as accents to the printed fabrics, and some designs feature felt or fabric applique or reverse applique (layers are so hot!) Many can be completed in just a weekend—perfect when you need a quick gift and something with a personal touch.
Handmade Embroidery
Choose from pictures with heartwarming expressions—the birds are totally charming—homey pillow covers, coffee cup cozies, and ornaments (these make great gift tags with a place to tuck in a personal note.) Birds are a common theme as they bring their own brand of innocent joy :) With the exception of the pillow forms needed for the knife-edge pillows, all materials you need are included in the kits.

Handmade Embroidery
Lastly, we have included four wonderful pieces made from fabrics by the designers at K&Company. Warm and cozy colors and patterns combine in a tea towel, pillow, a pretty pincushion, and a coin purse.
Handmade Embroidery

Look for these on the Dimensions website on June 1st and enjoy a summer of creative needlecrafting with Feltworks Fun and Handmade Embroidery!



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