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Operation Christmas Cards: You Can Make a Difference!

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Operation Christmas Cards

EK Success Brands is participating in Operation Christmas Cards, a campaign devoted to sending holiday cards to US and Canadian military men and women deployed overseas. The 2011 goal for 
Operation Christmas Cards is to send a total of 175,000 cards to bases in Afghanistan, Japan, Iraq, Egypt and Germany. For half of the recipients, these cards will be the only correspondence they receive during the holidays.

Christmas Holly card This heartfelt outreach is a way to show our gratitude and support to the men and women in the military who put their lives at risk every day for our country, for us. At a time of the year when being away from home and family is especially difficult, receiving a card with a personal note of appreciation and encouragement can raise the spirits and help each individual feel a connection to home. It is a gift beyond measure.

Reindeer Attitude cardOur goal at EK Success Brands is to collect 9,000 cards before November 11th. All of EK Success Brands’ four office locations—Chicago, Clifton, NJ, Kansas City and Wyomissing, PA—will host office events for employees to take part in the card making, as well as sponsoring a local school in each city with supplies to create and collect cards.

Ready to jump in and help? We have a FREE, self-paced online class available NOW if you want to learn a few new techniques in card making or just get some inspiration. It includes a 25% off coupon! Register now to get started.

Deck the Halls cardYou can also host your own Operation Christmas Cards event at home with friends or at your church, or join in a class or gathering at your local store. See our projects for a wide variety of ideas. Here are a few simple guidelines to follow:

  • Do NOT seal the envelopes, or apply postage
  • Write supportive and encouraging notes
  • You may include your email or mailing address inside the card
  • Please do not use products that contain exposed glitter
  • Non-crafted, store-bought cards may be sent as well
  • If mailing large quantities please ship in bulk; indicate the number of cards on the outside of the box.

Send cards to arrive at the following address no later than November 11, 2011:
EK Success Brands, c/o Operation Christmas Cards, 100 Delawanna Ave, Suite 700, Clifton NJ, 07014.

Cards sent after November 11, 2011 should be sent directly to Operation Christmas Cards. To find out more, visit

Make a difference to someone this Christmas with a gift of your thoughtfulness and support. It’s what we crafters do best!

Warmest wishes,

Seems great, hope we can have a nice chrismas
Posted by: Sherry( Visit ) at 10/19/2011 9:19 PM

I think this is really a worthy cause! I will definitely be making cards with my girl scout troop to send in!
Posted by: Susie R at 10/24/2011 1:57 PM

My Brownie troop, 986, created Christmas cards for our military people, and as troop leader, I did mail an envelope containing these greetings to EK Success Brands, c/o Operation Christmas Cards, 100 Delawanna Ave, Suite 700, Clifton NJ, 07014. My Brownies wanted to know if they could track their cards, and confirm they were received by military people. I would appreciate a response so I can email all the girls with your response. Thank you. Got Bless for coordinating this activity.
Posted by: Patricia Seltzer at 12/12/2011 11:48 PM

I served 4 years in the Air Force, only deploying once, and my husband has been in for 6 yrs, and has deployed 2 times. Having said that I don't understand why there is a no "loose glitter" rule? The people of those nations could care less about glitter, but I guess you could seal the glitter with hairspray or a sealer if you only have that.
Posted by: krystal allen at 9/11/2012 9:26 PM

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