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  • SG Floral Wreath

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  • SG Floral Wreath

    Designed By Jennifer Brown

    Create this dimensional paper wreath with layers of flowers you make with Stamping Gear. Choose your own color scheme to suit the season and assemble the flowers as you wish to express your individual style!


1. Download the General Guidelines, Tips, & Techniques for helpful information on using the Stamping Gear. 


2. We recommend that you experiment with your Stamping Gear on newsprint or white copy paper using the images you like to see how they overlap. Try different spacing such as the closed basic and open basic techniques to see the results—there are no rules, just what appeals to you. You’ll love trying new combinations! Try to vary your patterns in size so that you will have small, medium and large flowers, as well as leaves. When you have decided on the patterns you like, go on to the next step.


3. Use the stamping gear to recreate your chosen patterns onto the colored papers. You can use ink colors that create either tonal or contrasting effects. Fussy-cut the flowers and leaves and set aside. 


4. Wrap the foam wreath with white satin ribbon to hide the foam. Secure with glue.


5. Gathering approximately ten different flowers and some leaves, place a white headed pin into the center of each and begin to arrange them onto the foam wreath. 


6. Create leveled flowers by take a smaller flower and combining it with a larger flower using a 3D-Dot to create depth. Adhere these larger flowers onto the wreath with hot glue. Bend or roll the petals slightly inward to make the flowers look more realistic. 


7. Fill in any open areas with smaller flowers. 


8. Use glue gun to place buttons onto different flowers.


Shopping List

Other Supplies


  • Cardstock/Paper: assorted yellows, tans, roses, teals, greens
  • Circular foam wreath
  • Dye inks: purple, peach, brown, dark yellow, turquoise, green
  • Pins with white heads
  • Hot glue gun
  • Assorted buttons
  • Satin ribbon to cover the foam wreath: white
  • Plain newsprint or white copy paper


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