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  • SG Canvas Art

    Designed By Jennifer Brown

    Take your stamping off the page and create this artistic collage on canvas using Stamping Gear and vintage imagery from old magazines, books, etc. Use layers and colors of overlapping patterns to make this work of art uniquely your own.


1. Download the General Guidelines, Tips, & Techniques for helpful information on using the Stamping Gear. Then click on the image on this page to see all the images associated with this project. The first three show close-up sections of the entire piece shown in the last image.


2. Cover your work surface. Begin by using craft paint to lay your base colors on the canvas including around the edges—we used lime green, off-white, and grey in vertical sections we marked using a ruler and pencil. Set aside to dry.


3. Use a foam brush to add some distressed texture of contrasting tones over the base colors by stroking or dabbing the paint randomly. Let dry.


4. Measure the width of the off-white painted strip and cut equal width strips of the sheet music and book or magazine pages. Feel free to cut pieces at different angles so when assembled it has a random look to it. Lay the pieces as desired into a vertical strip. Use the decoupage medium to apply them to the canvas over the off-white painted area. Let dry. 


5. In order to get a good stamped image, you need a solid surface on which to stamp. Your canvas does not have a firm working surface—it is designed to give; therefore, for proper stamping, you will need to place something hard directly under the canvas that exactly matches the depth of the frame so that the entire top surface is solid and level. We suggest using a book or stacks of magazines. 


6. This project is stamped using the acrylic paints that we applied to the stamp with the foam brush. We recommend that you experiment with your Stamping Gear on newsprint or white copy paper using the images you like to see how they overlap. Try different spacing such as the closed basic and open basic techniques to see the results—there are no rules, just what appeals to you. You’ll love trying new combinations! When you have decided on the patterns you like, go on to the next step.


7. If you are trying to replicate the project shown, use the stamp from the Spiraling Inferno and light lime green paint to stamp a vertical row along the left side of the decoupaged section.


8. Choose your successful designs that you did on the scrap paper and recreate them onto the canvas. Follow the photos of our project or choose your own design—placement and color is your choice. Be sure to allow some patterns to fall off the edge of the canvas. Let each design dry before placing another design on top of it, and clean your brush thoroughly before switching colors.


9. When the entire canvas is dry, it is time to add the embellishments. Using your pencil, doodle-draw three small multi-petal flowers onto book paper. Carefully cut them out and edge them in paint. Glue the flowers onto the centers of the stamped circle patterns. 


10. Glue buttons onto the paper flowers and let dry. 


Shopping List

Other Supplies


  • Canvas: size of your choice
  • Book and music sheet pages
  • Desired imagery found in old magazines, books, etc.
  • Decorative buttons
  • Acrylic paint: lime green, light lime green, off-white, dark grey, grey, dusty pink, purple
  • Decoupage medium
  • Brushes: large foam, stencil
  • Craft glue
  • Paper plates for mixing colors
  • Water
  • Paper towels
  • Pencil
  • Scrap paper (for practice)


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