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  • Cookie Gift Box

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  • Cookie Gift Box

    Designed By Arlene Lobach

    Everyone loves to get cookies during the holiday season, and you can make your baked goods even more special with a lovely cookie box! 

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Cookie Gift Box Pattern

Creative Inspiration

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Gift Projects:


1. Download the Cookie Gift Box Pattern. Use the scoring board to make the box bottom from the leaf patterned paper. Make the box lid from green patterned paper.

2. Cut a 3/4" x 17" strip of red textured paper (this will need to be pieced) and attach it to the inside bottom edge of the box lid so that 1/2" extends below the lid. Attach the foil border as shown.

3. Use the scoring board and the red textured cardstock to make an accordion medallion as follows: Cut a 2" x 12" piece of the cardstock and score it every 1/4". Accordion-fold the entire length, then turn into a circle and glue the ends to hold that shape.

4. On white patterned paper, stamp the From My Kitchen image in green ink. Write your name in the blank. Trim to shape. Mat this onto red textured cardstock, again trimming to shape. Attach it to the center of the medallion and adhere the medallion to the box lid with 3D-Dots.

5. Use tissue paper to line the box, then add your cookies. Replace the lid, and ta-dah! You have a beautiful, hand-crafted gift that will really impress, especially if there are chocolate chip cookies inside!

Shopping List

Other Supplies

  • Cardstock: red textured
  • Heat tool
  • Scoring board
  • Tissue paper

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