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  • Cat and Bat Mask

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  • Cat and Bat Mask

    Designed By Arlene Lobach

    “Bat” your eyelashes with this fun and colorful fashion mask! Suitable for adults and kids alike, this makes a fun Mom-and-me project with fun and easy techniques.  

Helpful Downloads

Cat and Bat Mask Pattern

Creative Inspiration

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1. Download the Cat and Bat Mask Pattern. Trace the shape onto the orange polka dot paper and cut out. Stamp the cat image in black ink and emboss. Add green glitter to the cat’s eyes. Run a bead of glue along the outer edge of the mask and glitter.

2. Stamp and emboss the bat image twice on purple cardstock. Cut to shape.

3. Cut two pieces of black cardstock measuring 3/4" x 2". Use a pencil to mark a 1/8" border along both long edges. Glue the border on one side and add green glitter. Allow to dry. Cut a fringe through the glitter along that long edge to the border marked on the opposite side. Place the glittered side down, then fold the marked border and crease it. Use a pencil or small paintbrush handle to curl the fringe so the glittered ends curl up. Create a curve and notch slightly as needed. Glue the border over the eye of the mask.

4. Use 3-D Dots to mount the bats to the opposite side of the mask from the cat.

5. Punch a small hole on each side of the mask. Thread elastic string through the holes and knot.

Shopping List

Other Supplies

  • Cardstock: black, purple
  • Elastic string
  • 1/16" hole punch
  • Heat tool

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