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Brand Buzz Blog

Want to know the latest news, happenings and behind the scenes buzz on all our Brands. Then you will want to read the Brand Buzz Blog.

EK Success Brands HAS A BLOG!

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Welcome to the new EK Success Brands Blog. It's hard to believe we're here, ready to start sharing and talking with all of you, our loyal fans. Over the last year or so, a ton has happened. To start, our company has grown in leaps and bounds and now we're not just EK Success, but are also happy to include, K&Company, Dimensions Needleworks, Perler, Inkadinkado, Paintworks, and Jolees Jewels to the family. We've really got all your craft bases covered. We've also launched Spotted Canary ( where some really creative ideas are taking flight, and the best part is that most of that creativity is coming from you, the fans. If you do't believe me, check out the latest projects posted in the Gallery - pretty amazing. I always say I'm a much better crafter in my mind than I am in practice, so I love all the amazingly creative things people do with our products, I find myself saying "that is amazing" quite often - just read the last two sentences! We wanted a way to share all the creative things we've been doing with our products with you and wanted a way for you to share all the creative stuff you were doing with each other, so we launched spotted canary as a creative craft community - free of ads and product pushing - pretty amazing (there's that word again) thing for a company to do.

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I won't be the only contributor to the Brand Buzz blog, it will be a team effort with folks from our marketing and education department contributing as well, so check back often to see the latest news, and don't forget to tell us what you think, really, don't be shy.

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