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Perler Beads Around the World

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Tasha's Traveling Ducky

Tasha was a little girl when she made this ducky for her aunt, freelance photographer Yunghi Kim based in New York. Yunghi Kim has worked all over the world photographing monumental events in our history, and in her field pouch carried Tasha’s ducky as a link to home and family.

The ducky has been to the Great Wall of China, Nepal, Poland, Vatican City, the Middle East, the flood zone of New Orleans, and more. When Yunghi would have a spare moment, she would take a picture of the ducky in whatever place her latest assignment had taken her. She would send the photos to her family as a sort of travelogue of the world and an inspiration of “how far a little ducky can go in it”.

You can read about this amazing story of Tasha’s ducky and Yunghi Kim on the New York Times blog site. (Please exercise caution: some photographs accompanying this article may not be appropriate for viewing by small children.)

We have recreated the pattern and posted it on our Perler Beads Project Page. Make one of your own to take on your family’s adventures, and create a travel journal just for Ducky. It’s a fun and educational treat for kids to see how far their little ducky can fly.


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Creating Fashion Sparkle with Crystals from Jolee's Jewels

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I’ll be honest, my personal crafting experience had not prepared me for the excitement I felt the first time I saw the rainbow of beautiful colored crystals from Jolee’s Jewels, not to mention the really cool things you can make with them! Sparkle is where it’s at, my friends, and it’s easy to add glimmer and shine to, well, anything!

Hotfix sampler

 With “flat back” crystals, you can design your own fashion embellishments to express your signature style and color choices. Add them to shirts, jeans, flip-flops, hats, sunglasses, sneakers—pretty much anything you wear can be blinged! But why stop there? Add them to picture frames, handmade cards, tote bags, purses, key chains, cell phones, lampshades... ok, you get the idea, right?

Hotfix frameCrystal flat backs from CRYSTALLIZED™ Swarovski Elements are the perfect choice for your first venture into stylish glitz. Choose from an array of colors and sizes (3mm, 4mm, and 5mm). If you are glamorizing a non-fabric project, select flat backs that are to be applied using a jewelry glue or a 2-part epoxy.

If you’re dolling up your jeans or creating some fashion fireworks for you or the kids for that 4th of July picnic, you’ll find that the Hotfix crystals are ideal. These special crystals from CRYSTALLIZED™ Swarovski Elements feature a heat-activated adhesive that’s designed to melt and bond with fabric surfaces.  Hotfix shirt
You can use a standard iron to apply the flat back hotfix crystals, but for pinpoint accuracy and control, the hotfix tool from Jolee’s Jewels is a dream. For a quick lesson, click here for a brief video.

Let your imagination sparkle this summer with Jolee’s Jewels Crystals and Hotfix. Then enter the “All That Bling” Challenge & Contest on Spotted Canary, our educational site. There’s a $100 prize pack for the winner—but hurry, the contest ends June 30th!

Your sister in sparkle,
Kristel :)

All That Bling

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