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Greetings from Toy Fair!

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Greetings from Toy Fair 2010! by Tara Van Der Hay

As the Marketing Manager at EKB, I had the pleasure (along with 32,000 other attendees) of spending this past week at the 107th International Toy Fair in NYC. We were exhibiting American Girl Crafts and Perler Beads. The show was amazing, sparking childhood nostalgia in all that entered. From Barbie to Legos, Smurfs and Stormtroopers, everyone came out in full force!

toyfair3 Perler Beads

The big buzz this year had to be Buzz himself and the whole gang from Toy Story 3. It seemed every booth, including our own, had something to release in relation to the next movie installment coming out this summer. My personal favorite, of course, is Buzz Lightyear in Perler Beads. I never seem to outgrow those little beads you iron... and good thing, because the Perler side of the booth was plastered with cool inspirational projects including battling pirates and pretty princesses!


Toy Fair Debut of
American Girl Crafts!

And who could overlook the debut of our American Girl Crafts to the Toy Fair crowd? It would have been hard to miss, since every person that entered the show received their own American Girl Crafts show bag. As I walked the floors, I couldn't help but notice the sea of white bags with the pretty pink writing directing everyone to our booth. Once you arrived there, you entered the most adorable kid’s room ever! It was truly a whimsical experience taking me back to my own room as a child, but even better! The unbelievable ingenuity of the EK Success team transformed a barren space into a playful girl’s bedroom, and adorned it with our beautiful, handmade American Girl Crafts projects. What a sight!

Happy Toy Fair

Ahhh, with all these awesome products I wish I was a kid again! I can't wait to see how we top ourselves at the Book Expo this summer—stay tuned. I’d love to hear your thoughts on American Girl Crafts and Perler Beads, so talk to me! Thanks, Tara.

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