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Behind the Scenes of the Crafting at the Spotted Canary PBS Series

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This past summer, Joy Macdonell, the Education Director at EK Success Brands, and a small entourage of our Education Department team taped an exciting new 13-episode PBS series called “Crafting at the Spotted Canary”. It’s a brand new series, and a destination spot for contemporary crafting.

Joy and Dale NicholsonWe are thrilled to have this new place to craft—on TV and online—for everything from scrapbooking, jewelry making, and kids’ projects to paper crafting, needlecrafts, and crafting in general. Each program is filled with fun and informative projects that complement everyday life. It’s a way to make crafting relevant to the needs of every day.

At left, guest host Dale Nicholson, our VP of Fashion Arts, teaches Joy some simple jewelry making techniques using crystals and tools.

Every project is handled start to finish, and are creative items you can make with the supplies you already have on hand. Each show features 3 projects. The topics include:

  • things that organize
  • things to make a party festive
  • things that decorate a work space
  • things that tell a story
  • things for kids
  • things that wrap a gift
  • things that are green
  • things that hang on a door
  • things that help us remember 

Joy and Becky Cates

 Above right, Joy and Creative Artist Team Member Becky Cates prep for their segment on interactive cards from the episode titled “Things That Reveal a Secret.” Here are a few more sneak peeks behind the scenes from taping the show:

The Green Room
Yep, the “Green Room” really is green! Here is the space where we laid out all the shows in preparation for filming.

Dinner Party Joy and Karen Bulmahn

 Above left, Joy (in the background) prepares to craft elements for a dinner party in the “Things That Make a Party Festive” episode. In the photo above right with Joy and guest host Creative Artist Team member Karen Bulmahn, you can see a better view of our beautiful bird-themed set in the background!

To find if “Crafting at the Spotted Canary” is available on your local PBS station, click here and type in your zip code. Then, stop by Spotted Canary to check out all the great projects from the show!

Please feel free to comment below about the show. We’d love to hear your thoughts!

Keeping it creative,

I watch/DVR this show every Saturday morning!! I've got some great ideas & Joy is a great Host!!!
Posted by: Debbie Painter at 4/18/2011 9:46 AM

I watched a show where your guest was making cards, Christmas, etc, with organic products, I thought they were so beautiful, and would love to try and make them for my friends at church, can you tell me what organic products you used and where I may purchase them. Thanks, I enjoyed your show very much, you have some wonderful guest and ideas. Joy, what a great host you are.
Posted by: melva crider( Visit ) at 4/30/2011 2:21 PM

I tried to go to the link you have shown above to find out if our local PBS station will be airing the show, but when I click on it I get an error message saying "bad request"? Can you tell me if my local will carry, my zip is 76021?
Posted by: Liz West( Visit ) at 6/15/2011 7:39 AM

Awesome! I enjoyed your show very much, you have some wonderful guest and ideas. Joy, what a great host you are.
Posted by: agen bola( Visit ) at 5/16/2013 7:19 AM

Your blog article is very interesting and fantastic, at the same time the blog theme is unique and perfect, great job. To your success. One of the more impressive blogs I’ve seen. Thanks so much for keeping the internet classy for a change.
Posted by: James( Visit ) at 6/25/2013 7:39 AM

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